Why a Cat Won’t Use The Cat Litter Box

Some people have mentioned that their kitty is urinating outside of the cat litter box, although he generally used cat litter boxes formerly. How come the cat do that? There are certain reasons; and once you have had your vet rule out any kind of physical issues (kidneys, bladder, digestive problems, and so on.) you can examine your cat habits to find the answer to the problem.

This can be accomplished by using the following as a guide while you watch your cat behavior.

Cats and kittens don’t especially like just about any modification. In case you have had an addition to the home such as another feline or any other pet, your cat may well not be OK with this and commence to alter his habits for example urinating outside of the litter container.

Especially when that new addition is yet another cat which is sharing that cat litter box which is not a cat’s favorite thing to do. Much like they don’t prefer to share food dinners or toys with an all new cat. You have to boost your cat to share by being delicate spoken and say to him what a good kitty he is for sharing.

A new child in the house is often the most unwelcome change to a cat. Kitty was once the center of interest and now he’s being shooed away any time the humans are together with the baby. If this is occurring at your residence, don’t chase the kitty away, permit him to discover the baby and get to know him.

Cats are interested and he may wish to be close to the baby. Contrary to all myths, kitty will never cause harm to the baby unless he sees him as an enemy. A little baby will never strike out at the cat either. The little one and the cat could quickly learn how to be close friends with your help.