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white glove moving services

White Glove Service for Your Convenient Move

Raleigh is always shifting, as new people arrive with suitcases stuffed with hope and ambition, replacing others who have packed up and moved on. It’s now a distant memory, but the transience of our city was once a collective experience.  As many of us know, the experience is rarely enjoyable.

There is the physical exertion of packing and unpacking; the disappointment of finding broken dinner set or cracked piano legs, and that feeling of dismay when you survey your worldly goods reduced to a truck full of cardboard boxes. It would certainly be a relief to simply walk out of your old house and have it replicated. 

In recent years, a number of companies have cropped up that promise to ease the hardships of moving, for a price. You can hire white glove residential moving services from a traditional moving company to handle the bulk of the items, and then speciality movers to pack up the fine art and collectables. 

It is little surprise that high-end moving companies and other ancillary services are growing in lockstep with the city’s increasing stock of luxury condominiums. But while some may point to the trend as yet another sign of a frothy, overheated market, there is a practical side. Next time your lease runs out and you face a dreaded move, perk up. For just a few thousand dollars more, you can hire someone else to do all the heavy lifting and then some.

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