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Interoffice Communications With Unified Communications Applications

Whether you are in a small office or a large corporate building, communication between offices and your co-workers can be confusing. If you're trying to optimize task management and customer service with phone notes and features, you may find that clutter and copious numbers of phone extensions are causing greater organizational discontent for you and your team.

For example, suppose the CEO asked you to schedule a conference call at 1 a.m. with him and three other employees. At 12:30 pm, your manager will provide you with a handwritten note on budget issues for review at this conference. Besides the fact that you can barely decipher the letter, you now need forms from Shirley, the finance manager on the fifth floor.

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If you mislead your conference call guide with instructions or forget to renew the representative, the meeting will not start and run at 1:00 am. The stress of this type of last-minute notification is often unavoidable at work, but you can minimize it significantly with the company's chat browser interface.

This interface is a combination of instant messaging and telephone service that allows you and your colleagues to communicate quickly and easily – all from one place. Forget about extensions and messages. In company chats, you can click to call each other, move calls from one person to another, and listen to your voicemail.

With this service, Shirley can share financial forms with you from any document sharing app and send you a link instantly. Maybe your boss will also write you a quick note, which saves time and clutter. If you get an incoming call during a meeting with Shirley, you can drag and drop it to other colleagues if they're online

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