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Screen Printing Equipment Requirements

Cap screen different from the screen shirts, since one side should be a thin bar to print an image close to the bill of the hat. images may be as close as 1/16 "into a thin bar rather than in the center of the display screen such as T-shirts. Click to find out more information about screen printing equipment.

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When the tension in the minimum screen mesh may be shifted from registration during printing and ink may be pushed into the fabric. Color fabric can then be viewed. So a flash cure and a second printing are required. That double work can be avoided by strictly screening and taking other steps.

A low voltage screen causes the ink to build to the bottom of the screen. Then the screen should be cleaned periodically during the print run. Tensions will be lower closer to the thin side of the frame, which is an image area, rather than in other areas of the screen. The tip-off for this low tension on the bottom of the image area is a larger amount of ink is stored.

One of the most important steps to produce quality images and productive use of the high-voltage display. The tension is more important to screen cap from the screen shirts, because the materials used to make hats, especially foam front cap, which is softer than the T-shirts, signs, and many other items

Stretching and glue screen, that is, those in which the mesh is glued to the frame may need to be re-stretched and glued before the work of various sizes. A pensionable frame can be used to tighten the mesh without removing the mesh. An aluminum tubular frame will hold more tension than wood.

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