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How to Recognize the Real 550 Paracord

As survival equipment, 550 paracords can only be surpassed the importance of fire and the knife.550 paracord can be used to build shelter and fishing nets. It can be separated strands for use as sutures or even dental floss. You may buy the best paracord via online.

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Just as there are economical and luxury cars, there is a different quality of paracord. Confusingly, many marketed as "550 paracord" which refers to the test (or break) strength in the pound. Safe working load is actually much lower than this, which is why you have to double-up (or three) spun at the dangerous, weight-bearing applications such as climbing and repelling.

In addition, although the paracord that is labeled as "550" does not mean it is mil-spec (will pass military specifications quality control).

Most of the paracord is sold online and in retail, brick-and-mortar is a commercial-grade, which means that although it may have a 550-pound weight rating is not approved for use by our soldiers.

Commercial and military-grade 550 Paracord:

Military-grade 550 will have at least 7, tightly-cord inner strands. Thus, the rope usually will be slightly larger in diameter than the commercial equivalent.

The main distinguishing mark mil-spec paracord is that one of the inner strands will be color-coded. It is required by the military for quality control purposes and specifically for each manufacturer.

Commercial grade paracord will have two or three strands of the mind, which may or may not be wired. string cable wires make it stronger, but there is no way to verify this without dissecting the paracord.

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