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Paintball – A New Way To Think About Bachelorette Parties

We always have a negative impression about everything that is not normal. But let’s consider some most important things before making a negative impression about a paintball bachelorette party. 

What's more fun than a paintball party? We can’t think of anything but we do agree that is a different idea from a normal bachelorette party. You can now easily arrange bachelorette as well as paintball birthday parties via

10 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas -

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If you're over 12, you know the average bachelorette party is booze and strippers (nowadays women also enjoy having bachelorette). The article states that there should only be two rules when playing the game. Rule number one: the groom's group always wins. Rule number two: never tell the groom's group that they are allowed to win. 

Sounds like a great bachelorette party. Groom, you can bring your in-laws and some people may want to shoot your strategic tactical marker. And let all your aggression and anxiety sink in before the wedding. 

An additional asset, the bride, will not make your life worse by getting drunk and silly during the party. Now there are paintball field owners who offer bachelorette parties as an adventure. They will offer you lunch so you can take advantage of it. It became more and more popular as the idea spread.

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