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All About Orthodontist In Sacramento

When most people think of seeing an orthodontist, they remember getting braces to align and align their teeth properly. This is definitely something these dentists have to offer, but it is not the only one.

If you are wondering if orthodontic services could be of benefit to you, learn all the things one of these dentists can do. You can easily contact the top orthodontist in Sacramento.


Braces are one of the most common services offered by orthodontists. Braces are metal strips and wires that apply pressure to the teeth to make them naturally align. This offers both aesthetic and functional advantages. 

Misaligned teeth can cause jaw problems and bite. Patients with this problem can purchase dental insurance to cover their braces. Those who just want it for cosmetic services will likely have to shell out money on braces.

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TMJ treatment

TMJ or problems with the TMJ cause pain in the jaw and can limit movement of the jawbone. Over time, this can lead to chronic face and neck pain, as well as severe headaches that can recur regularly.

An orthodontist has a wide variety of treatments to treat this condition that affects millions of Americans each year.

Treatment can be as simple as braces or funnels to relieve pressure, or more complex, including surgery to repair damaged tissue in the jaw.

Surgical orthodontics

Apart from braces, surgical orthodontics reposition the teeth or correct jaw irregularities through surgical intervention. This surgery can be performed on people who are ready to grow, which usually ends between the ages of 16 and 18.

Treatment includes traditional braces and adjustments, followed by surgical jaw adjustments to position the teeth and correct the bite.

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