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The Basic Elements Of Garden Landscaping Design

Garden designing looks easy. However, when the garden was over, some gardeners were disappointed with the results. The end product is messy and unattractive to look at. That is why it is important to study the basic design elements of landscaped gardens and apply them to garden designs. Knowing the five elements of landscaping can help a gardener build a pleasing and visually pleasing garden.

The first design element in garden design is formed. The shape is defined as the form of something. For example, a tree can have a shape that contains upright branches such as pine or it droops like a mulberry. The position of the plant, taking into account its shape carefully, gives the garden a unified impression. You can also contact the 20 best landscaping companies in Australia to help you out in choosing the best garden designs. 

The 4 Elements of Landscape Design Composition

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The second element in the design of the garden design is the line. Lines refer to the fact that the movements of a person's eyes are unconsciously guided by the boundaries of the garden, the location, and the outline of plants and other structures. This comes in handy when gardeners want to highlight certain moments in their garden. Plant lines can easily direct eye movement to this area.

The third design element in garden design is texture. Texture refers to the way in which the surface of a plant is distinct and visible in relation to the plants and other objects around it. Usually, observers look at the structure of the plant and assess the size and shape of its leaves.

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