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Insights Into The Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Temporary foreign work programs in Canada have recently been researched in that country. There are opinions that are polarized. The lobby indicated that the program was too weak. Other segments indicate that the program is too rigid. Employers' organizations seeking to attract skilled foreign workers that are clearly pushing for loosening of the rules. There is growing concern over some of the guidelines, especially with regard to Canadians losing their IT jobs to foreign contract workers.

Labor economists said the program was embarrassing and would allow employers to import foreign workers due to a lack of skilled Canadian workers for many jobs. There are several categories in which employers can employ or import skilled foreign workers. The Temporary Worker Program in Canada allows employers to import skilled agricultural workers, life caregivers, and workers for lower and higher-skilled jobs. However, many people also visit to get more details about the Temporary Foreign Work Program.

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According to the program, employers can apply online as it reduces most of the paperwork for applicants with lower and higher qualifications. This program is aimed at TFW who have taken many new jobs in Canada in recent years. Both CIC and HRSDC are responsible for the program. 

According to the guidelines, employers should get the HRSDC's opinion on the LMO or labor market opinion. This will only be provided if there is evidence that the employer will only employ foreign workers after a concerted effort to find Canadian workers in the same position. 

From the workers' point of view, their temporary permits can become permanent if they meet certain strict criteria. There is also a provincial nomination program for foreigners interested in living in Canada. But in essence, this program is only designed to address the temporary shortage of skilled workers for certain positions.

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