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How will the Affordable Care Act affect community services?

Most health, psychological health, social services, and human services organizations will be affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and agencies must be included today in proactively preparing community support.

If you have services that provide direct health or mental health care, social services, skills development, and service, you will want to examine your state's strategies for implementing the ACA.

Big changes to the landscape: In most states, the established nonprofit community will find that the ACA will change the way providers are prioritized, managed, and funded. Many will find this:

The service delivery infrastructure varies. A higher percentage of providers will be paid through Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) that are designated as essential intermediaries for your ACA.  You can get an employee welfare benefits plan that covers administrative aspects of employee benefits and retirement plans.

Community agencies will have to strengthen their information systems, frequently paying for the expensive design or purchase of the information system, and providing advice.

A smaller percentage of suppliers will be covered by contracts and grants;

Service contests will grow with larger organizations better able to respond to data systems, information, and maintain quality requirements.

These signify sweeping and sweeping changes that will have an extremely substantial influence on service delivery programs in our communities and states.

The way health information exchanges change the landscape: Most nations are producing new medical information exchanges under the Affordable Care Act enforcement. States and data agreements set the requirements for information that is demanded and accumulated. Most agencies are approaching patient care through electronic records, rather than the old paper filing systems.


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