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Critical Care – Kidney Transplantation in San Antonio TX

The human body needs a minimum of one kidney that's functioning correctly in sequence for survival, consequently, in cases where an individual is undergoing a complete or permanent collapse of their kidneys they need to undergo a kidney transplant so as to survive. You can contact to the best clinic online for kidney transplant surgery at

Regrettably, when a doctor recommends kidney transplantation and the individual chooses to undergo this process, they'll be put on a waiting list and it might take several years to get a donor that's the right game available.

Dr. Broumand informing a healthy volunteer on Research Trials for Kidney Disease Treatments

Starting the Transplant Process

After the choice is made to experience kidney transplantation, the very first step in this process is a complete medical examination which will be done by a clinic that specializes in organ transplantation. 

Kidney Transplant Surgery and Aftercare

A kidney transplantation operation is done with a general anesthetic which places the individual asleep and typically requires an average of a few hours when no complications have been seasoned. 

The individual is going to need to take drugs for the remainder of their life so as to stop the body from rejecting the new kidney. In certain cases – in spite of the fact that the individual has followed all the appropriate kinds of therapy – the body will start to reject the bladder as well as the individual is going to need to start dialysis, nevertheless, they are sometimes put on the waiting list again for another kidney.

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