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Domain Registration

Protecting Your Brand Through Domain Registration

Your brand is an asset to your company. This differentiates one organization from another. That's why it's important to take the time to invest in and build your brand. This brand provides customers with a source of trust, confidence, and trust. Because your brand matters offline, it matters online too. Many companies and individuals lose huge revenues due to their inability to protect their brands online.

Domain registration via Mail Safi should be seen as the first line of defense against online trademark abuse. Online brand abuse causes significant brand erosion, lost sales, reduced returns on marketing investment, decreased customer trust, and a tarnished reputation, so everyone has the greatest interest in protecting online brands. Executing a comprehensive domain procedure and being vigilant in showcasing your brand online is paramount.

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A domain is your internet/web address that your customers enter in the address bar of a web browser such as Since a name can be requested by any company, it may only be available for a short time or it may already be used by someone else. Therefore, it is important to register the domain name associated with your company name as early as possible. 

Your company domain name allows customers to interact with you and make transactions online. These are valuable corporate assets that require protection from cybercrime, such as:

Cyber Cutting:

This is an act where someone with malicious intent relies on your good intentions or your trademark and uses your domain name for profit.

Phishing Attack:

This is a method cybercriminals use to send emails impersonating trustworthy companies to obtain personal data or steal money. Phishers use email and social media platforms and rely on people's trust in brands to obtain personal information such as credit card numbers.

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