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Termite Treatment – What You Need To Know!

Termite! We've all heard of them or experienced them in one way or another. For some, these insects are nothing more than a problem that others worry about. For others, termites can be an expensive and time-consuming problem that needs to be dealt with.

Termite treatment options

For the masters themselves, many companies supply best termite inspections in San Francisco with chemicals and bait that can be effective against termite infestation.

Termite Treatment - What You Need To Know!

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What are termites?

Although most people have heard of termites, many have never seen termites. Are termites just insects that eat wood? Oddly, termites don't eat wood.

There are several signs that termites have settled in your home or other parts of your property. For most homeowners, termite pipes are the most common sign that you may have a termite problem.

Types of termite damage

Although termites can only cause damage to wood and related materials, the impact of this damage on homeowners can vary widely. Minor damage can be termite tubes on the inner or outer walls, which can be easily cleaned with a brush, water, and mild detergent.

Termite damage and medical expenses

Termite damage and treatment costs can vary widely based on the type and severity of the damage, the number of termites in and around the home, the time that has elapsed since the last treatment, and even the company carrying out maintenance and repairs. If the damage is minor, homeowners can save a lot by doing some repairs themselves.

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