How to Prepare For Your Headshot

Booking a photographer is only the first step in achieving a successful headshot. There are a number of elements that you need to consider and decisions you must make before the shots are snapped. For perfect modelling headshots, you can hire a professional photographer through 

Dress the part

Take a minute to think about what your headshot will be used for, where it will be displayed and who will see it. If you get a headshot done for business purposes, then you will need to wear something that reflects your line of work. Maybe it makes sense to bring some clothes for the shoot and see what the photographer recommends. Also, be aware that the camera captures it all! 

Choose the right background

The backdrop can range from something as simple as solid white to an on-location office setting. You should make sure that the background doesn't distract from the focus of attention(you!) and that it matches with your wardrobe. Pick a neutral colour (white, grey or black) if you are worried about matching your wardrobe.

What to bring

For anyone with long hair, a brush is a must. Matted hair will appear on the final image and they can be costly or sometimes impossible to remove after filming. For women, bring touch-up makeup if you wear makeup. For serious model/actor shots bringing your own makeup artist can make a huge difference in the final product.