How the Joints Can be Made with Filter Tips?

Take some weeds to grind and keep in mind that lighter varieties are more susceptible to tougher grinding and you may need to break the nails by hand. If you don't have a grinder, don't worry, you can either pop the bud with your fingers or try other alternatives.

After you grind the weed into tiny particles and then filter them with a good quality glass filter tips, the removable paper usually has as much filter as the paper in the box. Buying this type of paper can save you the hassle of finding the perfect filter media.

The easiest way to connect to the end of the filter is to take a thick sheet of paper and fold the first millimeter 2-3 times and then roll it in the same direction. This will ensure that any remaining extracted weed does not enter your mouth through the end of the glass filter in the center.

Roll the filtered weed particles on the filtered paper or cardboard and gently squeeze the weed particles with your fingertips. If you do this at the same time you turn on the filter, the filter will be conical. Lick the sticky part on the paper and roll the seams slowly.

Touch the filter on the surface several times to make the grout pack smoother. You can also reuse the tip of the glass filter after smoking. The best thing about the smoke filter tip is that it doesn't burn your skin.