Help Your Child Stop Thumb Sucking With the Guidance of a Dentist

Every parent answers questions to the pediatrician about their child. Do you eat solid food? Do you give them whole milk? Are you providing the recommended supplements if you are breastfeeding? When it comes to going to the dentist in your child's early years, you may dread the question of whether your child is sucking their thumb.

We all know that it is normal and babies need to be breastfed. Some babies lose this need as early as six months. Other babies develop the habit. You can purchase thumb sucking devices which can help your child stop thumb sucking via

This is normal in young children and preschoolers. This habit is not a problem until the child starts to have permanent teeth. If your child continues to suck on their thumbs, they can change the alignment of their permanent teeth. This can cause excessive heat or language problems such as eavesdropping and an inability to pronounce T and D.

Your child may even have a problem with the child who is upsetting him. In this case, you need to let your child know that you are on their side. This can help increase the need to give up on your child's office dentist and tell them why they should stop thumb sucking.

Most of these professionals have seen children suffer from this habit for years. They will recognize the importance of being gentle with your child and explain it in a way that will allow them to make a difference.