Choosing The Best Skylight For Your Home

Many homes, especially older homes, have dark rooms. No, we don't mean the photographic kind. We mean rooms that simply don't have enough natural light. 

Usually, poor lighting is the result of poor design. A room near the center of the home without much outside wall will not have sufficient light coming in through windows. Typically bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and even family and living rooms may be considered dark rooms. You can also buy Velux skylights, roof windows, & sun tunnels online via JR Store.

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Contrary to common belief, modern skylights do not leak. They are made of high-tech materials and, if properly installed, should never allow water in. 

Today you have a wide variety of options when purchasing a prebuilt skylight.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Many "box" skylights come with double-pane glass that increases their energy efficiency rating. In addition, special coatings on the glass allow natural light to pass through while blocking ultraviolet light. "Low-E" coatings can block or increase the amount of radiant energy that passes through the glass, thus helping warm the inside or keep it cool. 

Safety Glass

Tempered glass shatters into pellets rather than shards, thus protecting homeowners if the skylight should break. Though more expensive, it should be standard in home skylights. Laminated glass also works.


Many types of plastic skylights are available. These are not the old-style "yellowing" plastic variety. Today's high-tech materials will remain transparent for virtually the life of the house.

Open or Closed Venting

In addition to providing light, a skylight may provide ventilation. Many skylights have a mechanism for opening them from the floor. If your skylight opens, be sure that it has a screen for keeping out bugs and that you can easily access that screen to clean it.