Choosing the Best Hot Water System for Your Home

Choosing a water heating system is not an easy task. One way or another, your choices will have a huge impact on your long-term finances. An electric hot water system can cost up to a third of your energy costs, but many households can easily avoid this by using other methods. It's important to take the time to learn the facts.

Hot water storage systems naturally store hot water before use. It has the greatest potential to be of use to larger households with higher water usage. You may look at hot water in Central Coast, hot water service for same day resp.

The following options are presented in a rough order of arrangement, starting with the ideal option. However, circumstances vary widely from house to house. So be sure to read about other factors that could influence your decision.


The best long-term cost economist, but also the most expensive up front. In most cases, the solar hot water system ensures that the water is mostly free. On cloudy days, a booster (gas, solid fuel or electricity) is included to protect you.


If you don't have the space, rooftop location, solar environment, or budget for a solar system, this may be your best option. It is ideal for larger households with higher water requirements.

Hot water with gas receives fuel from one of the sources. You probably already know which category applies to your household.


These hot water systems are largely out of date, with relatively high costs and annual greenhouse gas emissions from family cars!