What’s an IUD Insertion Like?

A doctor or nurse puts the IUD through the vagina and uterus. Some people feel cramps or pain but can not last much help and medicine.

How you put in an IUD?

First, the nurse or doctor will ask questions about your medical history. Then they will check the vagina, cervix and uterus, and may test sexually transmitted diseases. It can offer medicine to help open and / or numb the neck of the uterus before IUD put in.

To put the IUD, the nurse or doctor took a speculum into the vagina and then use a special inserter to insert IUDs the opening of the neck of the uterus and uterus. The process usually takes less than five minutes. If you want to know more about Liletta IUD insertions, you can check online sources.

IUDs can be placed anywhere in your menstrual cycle, and you can usually get a start just after giving birth or have an abortion.

How does it feel to get an IUD put in?

People usually cramping or pain that will get your IUD feel. Pain may be worse for some, but luckily only lasts a minute or two.

Some doctors tell you to take pain medication before getting an IUD to help prevent cramping. They could also inject a local anesthetic medication around your cervix to make it more comfortable.

Some people feel dizzy during or just after the IUD put in, and there is a small chance of fading. You might want to ask someone to accompany you to your appointment so you do not have to drive or go home alone, and to give some time to relax afterwards.