Internet Use And Access In China With VPN

Compared with other countries China is a country where Internet censorship restrictive and proved to be more sophisticated and advanced. As a matter of fact, there are more than 60 Internet laws and regulations are being followed by the people.

Therefore it is not shocking that China is on the top of the list of enemies of Reporters Without Borders and they are also considered in the group of persistent OpenNet Initiative for Internet censorship. To get the ‘best VPN for China selection criteria’ (which is also known as ‘중국 선정 기준을위한 최고의 VPN’ in the Korean language) is required to be followed.

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The given below are some of the points about the use of VPN in China, have a look at them.

Use The Internet And Access In China:

In 2013, it was supposed that China had more than 700 million active Internet users. Till now, it crossed the numbers of more than 420 million Internet users.

Technology Used To Restrict Internet Access In China:

China has been making use of the Golden Shield Project or Great Firewall of China since 1998. It is led by the Ministry of Public Security with the main objective of setting up a communications network and mechanism of computer information that will implement active sensors by authorities. 

How To Go About Internet censorship In China:

The best and easiest method to avoid access from restricted and international Internet sites of China is to get a subscription to a VPN service.