Basic Principles For Residential Landscape Design

Residential landscape design has the capability to give you the greatest pleasure along with the suspicious preparation that goes with the design. There is a combination of functionality and aesthetics design, proper symmetry, synchronization, ratio, and unity in the whole design.

At the end, the outcome of this will be more worthy and it also augments the value of the property. to get more designs of ‘residential landscaping from’ (which is also called as ‘aménagement paysager résidentiel de’ in the French language).

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There are some of the guiding principles that help you to map a residential landscape design and these are:


This is a thing that can be perceived in residential landscape design by the use of consistent material. The elements related to plants and non-plants are able to achieve harmony by making the unity of the texture, color, elevation, and size.


Color is considered as the most aspect of the entire landscape design. The colors that you pick will show your mood and even the surroundings that you want in your life. The balmy colors such as red, yellow, and orange are considered as more famous and preferred by almost every individual in their garden.

Line Of Direction:

It provides the way for a movement that happens all across the landscape. A circular or curved line grants more elegant, comfy and downy feeling. However, straight-line presents the burly construction of the components that are used in the landscape.


Proper segments of the residential landscape design are also an important factor to give it a more attractive look.